Characters – JT


JT is going first. I realize that it is because he is easy for me, as he is by far the character that reminds me the most of – me. So much for keeping things a hundred percent objective.

First and foremost JT is played wonderfully by Austin Basis. He is a decent guy, a loyal and good friend and fiercely dedicated to his mission – helping Vincent. And Austin acts his part with a dept and a finesse that makes me think he probably is the friendly science nerd in real life too. That has got to be the finest achievement as an actor.

There is something very endearing about JT (and not just because he reminds me of me).
He is the most constantly loyal person of them all. He never betrays Vincent or doubts him. Even when Vincent has changed and they are all a bit afraid of him, JT never falters in his effort to save him. To me, that portrays true friendship. Even though JT has a small crisis over the fact that he put Vincent’s name on a list, we KNOW that he would be just as loyal a friend had he not.

JT loves his research and does it proudly and the only time he seems unhappy with being the man behind the scenes is when this work is belittled as Tess does at one point calling it “his little lab”. Whether Vincent is rogue, Catherine is off with someone or just plain inconsistent or anything else spins out of control, JT is always just a phone call away and goes to work on whatever needed, when they call.

Anybody should have a friend like that. If you do not. Go out and find one. It is better than family.

The JT love story is a bit strange. He was very well matched with Sara but I am not really feeling the Tess thing. It is not the actors fault. It just feels a little contrived. And to be honest, everything pales next to the love story of the century.

I really have to wonder if it is the same writers doing these characters. How can they come up with this pillar of trust, funny, still rouge (ish), consistent character who is never boring and has a fine believable character development and at the same time portray (at least parts of) the Vincent/Catherine love story with all the finesse of a paranoid schizophrenic? I do not get it. But I am getting ahead of myself. This is not the summation and I have plenty of opportunity to explore and answer that question later on.

But JT is the poster boy for a good character. He is real. You could meet him out there in real life. Whoever came up with him, I salute you. I hope he is an inspiration for other writers on how to do a good job.

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I am constantly musing over what makes people tick and wanted to research it more independently on this blog. I have chosen to remain anonymous in order to conduct these experiments without interference of age, appearance, gender or connections.
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