A little steam


When I am working on a project, my mind is scouring itself and the world constantly. I am blessed with the ability to think in blocks, pictures or film even, which means, that although I set certain parameters for the end product – in this case the written blog, my mind has a plan of its own. I rarely have time for more than one blog post a day but that does not mean I am not already writing them in my head. In a good way, in case you think I sound crazy.

As such I am already working on Evan and Tess and whilst they are pushing to be penned to paper, another notion is pushing harder. So hard that I have laid aside the day job for a minute and taken to this post.

The thing is, overall this show has amazing actors. Seriously, it is cast to perfection. I have less experience with the direction/production but I am pretty sure that has been landed safely too. And although I refuse to break my premise and conclude on everything already, I have to say that it becomes painfully clear that the writing is not up to par. When I work my way through message boards and other blogs, journals, pages etc, they all express an unhappiness with the writing. Not the story line as such although we will definitely go through some of the big no-no’s in a separate post, not the creation of the characters, but the overall writing. Something must be just a bit too far off in the writers lounge when a show like this does not take off like a comet.

I mean, Supernatural has what 10 times the viewers and their overall story line sucks. The first couple of seasons were great with all the demon hunting, ghost cases and all, but when they started stomping around in the same dysfunctional brother to brother problems on both family AND celestial level – I was literally put off the show for good. Talk about a ridiculous story line. But to capture people for 10 seasons, you have got to have more than good actors and a limitless budget. You have to have the right writers that, no matter how horrible the story line is, are able to keep the viewers coming back for more. (I apologize to any Supernatural fans)

Beauty and the beast fans are die-hard fans despite the writing not because of. That should be on every BatB writers post it board. It should be an inspiration to do better. If budget is limited, fire the worst ones and bring on some volunteers with experience on grief, confinement, mental illness (yes the man/beast could very well be a man with a mental disorder), trust issues, dysfunctional relationships etc and get the stories right. Personally, I couldn’t care less if the police stories are correct, but if you have a feeling that this is an issue with a lot of viewers, then fix it. Fly to New York and spend a week in a police precinct and get a feel for the life if need be. Or get a couple of smart people to screen the episodes before you film them. Someone with a good intuition can quickly tell if something will work or not.

It would not take much tweaking to kick this show in to the blockbuster league. This show has the luck of having an impeccable cast (well, you should find a way to bring Evan back), and the allowance to play within so many genres because of its unusual theme. It has the foundation and building stones to continue for many more seasons, but someone has to give that extra oomph for it.


I should add a disclaimer here, that I might come to a different kind of conclusion later on but I am reluctant to. I trust my gut! (that was for you, dear beasties)

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I am constantly musing over what makes people tick and wanted to research it more independently on this blog. I have chosen to remain anonymous in order to conduct these experiments without interference of age, appearance, gender or connections.
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