Characters – the dads

Catherine has 2 fathers. The one she grew up with, Thomas Chandler, and the genetic donor, Agent Reynolds.


Thomas Chandler, played suavely by Canadian actor, Rob Stewart, is in the midst of his getting married to a much younger woman when we first meet him. He is concerned about Catherine, mostly about her happiness, but also in general. This seems to be an ongoing theme in the show – everybody worries constantly about Catherine. Whether she will be happy, find a man, work too much, analyse her past too much or be too much of a cop instead just being human.

Thomas delivers the famous un-fatherly comment to her: “This judgemental attitude may make you a good cop but it also makes it very difficult to have a relationship with you” (S1 E6 Worth)
Really, a loving father would say something like that?


He keeps her mothers work for the government secret from her, when he could have relieved her of her enormous guilt over her mother’s death and he expects her to be responsible for his new wife’s welcome into the family although Catherine does her best and is clearly struggling with the whole thing.

I am not impressed with this character. Rob Stewart is wonderful though and a great actor. Very believable.


Agent Reynolds, played by Ted Whittall, doesn’t come out untill Catherine discovers the truth herself early in season 2. He is her biological father who by her mothers wishes has stay away although clearly keeping tabs on her, showing up in the background of important events and donating to her former school.

Ted Whittall is a formidable actor. He has to switch between being quite evil and a conniving FBI agent with his own secret agenda to also being very concerned for Catherine’s wellbeing and a lot more hands on at that.

I have to quote Jane Austen to fully sum up Ted’s most appealing trait: “There is something pleasant about his mouth when he speaks”, Mrs. Gardiner of Pride and Prejudice


He is a strange character and maybe we do not yet know the full extend of his intentions. He is oddly obsessed with keeping Catherine happy and safe, especially from beasts, so much so that his primary concern seems to be his idea of what is good for her rather than her actual happiness.

I understand how Catherine would listen to Thomas, who raised her and her sister and who she has known and trusted to be her father for 30 years. I do find it very peculiar that she trusts agent Reynolds so much though. She trusts every lead he gives her even after finding out about his hate for beast including Vincent and she choses his word over Vincent’s word on several crucial occasions. And while it might make for good television, it bothers me. If you love your man so much that you will bend the law and risk everything including your life for him, why should you lose that trust because of a genetic donor? Agent Reynolds is after all just a bit of DNA.

I think I will explore that more under Catherine’s character.


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