The music of the night – sounds of Beauty and the Beast

I am procrastinating.

And hence I am adding a page with the best music of the show. If nothing else it will serve as my playlist while I write.

I encourage you all to buy the music if you like it to support the artist. The songs are available as singles on iTunes where I got them.


Episode 1: Pilot:

Angel of the morning, a classic by Juice Newton

Never let me go, gorgeous tune by Brit band Florence and the machine (seriously, if you only buy one song, it should be this one)

Episode 5: Saturn returns:

Best part of me, St. Leonards

Episode 9: Bridesmaid up!:

Wherever you will go, the first dance and Catherine’s and Vincent’s song by Charlene Soraia

Episode 13: Trust no one:

Locked out of heaven, amazing song by Bruno Mars

Episode 15: Any means possible:

Heaven, awesome tune by another Brit band, Depeche Mode. I have seen them several times in concert and love their music. If you do not yet know them, do yourself a favor and give them a try. Songs like: Just can’t get enough, master and servant, stripped, a question of lust, Blasphemous rumors, Personal Jesus and many more are classics!

Episode 16: Insatiable:

Desire, by Ryan Adams. Well just because…. you know why… Close your eyes and visualize.

 Episode 20, Anniversary:

Africa, by Toto. Because it is just – epic. Always loved it.

Promise, the sweetest tune by Ben Howard

Episode 21: Date night:

Guiding light, by Foy Vance. Oh my god, what can I say? Goes straight to the pit of your stomach.


Episode 1: Who am I?:

I can’t make you love me, by Dave Thomas Junior. Sweet sweet little tune.

Episode 5: Reunion:

Hey ya, by Outkast. Who doesn’t love Outkast? Come on…

Episode 15: Catch me if you can:

Find my way back, by Cody Fry. Oh man, just an extraordinarily mellow love song

Episode 16: About last night:

Vapour, by Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Nice ambient lounge music.

Guiding light by Foy Vance is back from season 1 episode 21.

Episode 18: Cat and mouse:

Out of the scenery, by Dominique Fricot. Simply awesome. The song, the composition, the instruments.

Episode 22: Deja vu:

Latch, by Natalie Taylor. Natalie has the most amazing voice. Nice tune.

That’s my list. If you have any suggestions, please comment and broaden my horizon.

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I am constantly musing over what makes people tick and wanted to research it more independently on this blog. I have chosen to remain anonymous in order to conduct these experiments without interference of age, appearance, gender or connections.
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