The unbearable heaviness of being


This is a rant. I should apologize beforehand citing deprivation of sleep, worries and stress as a cause but really it is not. It may be better tomorrow after sharing a bottle of Amerone tonight but I doubt it.

I watched Interstellar a couple of weeks ago and I have to side with plan B here. Lets exterminate the present population on earth, myself included, and send 900 embryos to start over on another planet. Seriously. I have lost all faith in mankind.

Now, as it may or may not appear, I am actually not a fan-person. Maybe that makes a difference for me, but I did go into this experience with an open mind and when you do that and research things so thoroughly they become meaningful to you. And this show has. Just to clarify. This has caused me to do a much deeper description and analysis, than I meant to, which in turn has let me to scour the internet for interesting information and maybe a clue to why this show is so close to cancellation.

On one of these nocturnal surf marathons (yes, I do not get to sleep much, might as well keep busy) I was trying to find some background info on Kreuk and Ryan. You know, about theatre, education etc. Maybe some interviews that could clear up many of my questions on how to keep alive. Preferably other interviews than the generic pre-scripted ones. One thing led to the other and I find an interview with Ryan’s partner, Dianna Fuemana.

Now I am not going to link to the actual video I saw, because I simply refuse to be an active part in spreading it. But here’s a YouTube link:

Now on the page, where I saw this interview there was a lot of comments. There’s some even on the YouTube link but less atrocious. Bottom line they all discussed whether or not Ryan was wonderfully down to earth, a better human being, less conceded than other actors or just a plain saint to have a partner like Fuemana. There was of course the fair share of “I can’t believe it” and another fair share of Fuemana being very lucky.

I don’t know whether to cry or vomit.

It says everything about the state of our world when this is the best the general masses can produce. I get it. The show is great, addictive and the characters are, for the most part, hot. But it is a TV-show! It is a testament to great acting, directing and sometimes even writing but it tells you nothing about the actual people behind the masks. So who is lucky, unlucky, friendly, bitchy etc? We don’t know and we are not meant to know. It’s the land of make-believe.


You know, there are such awful tragedies out there in the world every day. I am not even talking global starvation, warming or overpopulation. There are boys being sent off to war, girls being circumcised before their second birthday, people who cannot afford or get to medical aid and people who rot in a cage because their minds are gone. There are people who are so lonely they kill themselves and children who are being abused because nobody sees them.

These are the real issues in life. Please spend your energy dealing with that. If you need a break from those real issues, and believe me I am all for that, then watch Beauty and the beast and lose yourself in the fantasy. Just remember that it is a fantasy and in real life, who knows what kind of relationship two people have and whether they are lucky or not? By all means worship the actors for their craft just remember when to stop.

If you really think that Jay Ryan is Vincent, then he is also Shane from The Packer, an excellent performance but rather less of that sultry heat, right?:

I guess what I am trying to say is that it possible to love something, to escape through it and still keep a focus.

If we are ever going to save the planet and ourselves, we have to care about more important things than whether or not two people are matched in looks. That interview above displays a woman who cares about the social stigmas of her society. A little more reading up on her, reveals that all of her plays have some bigger message. So who cares who is lucky in their relationship. We are lucky to have two people in the world who contribute to either educate us or distract us.

Now go out and save a life!



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I am constantly musing over what makes people tick and wanted to research it more independently on this blog. I have chosen to remain anonymous in order to conduct these experiments without interference of age, appearance, gender or connections.
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