Characters – Gabe


Gabe Lowen, ADA and master of multiple personalities is brilliantly played by Sendhil Ramamurthy. He has the advantage of being vastly beautiful, which lets him get away with a bit more than the rest of the otherwise handsome men in this show. Which is something he definitely needs.

Gabe is probably the character that goes through the most changes and Sendhil masters them all from beast to human, helpful to hateful, loving to killing. What a stroke of genius to cast him. I doubt that anybody else could have juggled that so elegantly and be credible at the same time.

His story is heartbreaking having been experimented on as a young child and having no control over his beast. But he is also the poster boy for not hanging your life on your childhood. You can choose to rise above it all, which Gabe tries to but fails miserably at.

He is by far the most dangerous creature of them all and I get the pun, it is as a human this is evident. His beast is somehow unaware and hence to a degree innocent in the violence of its own nature. But the well-educated, almost painfully smart, human should know better and do better. He tries but since it is to win Catherine’s love (whether subconscious or not), it does not count. True redemption comes at the expense of yourself even if no reward is promised or expected.


Sendhil maneuvers effortlessly in any scenario but he is my favorite when he is good, simply because kindness suits him so well. Winning smile and a glow the sun would envy. But truly he is great in any circumstance.

Despite the hands down praise I was not entirely happy with the Gabe-character. I think the writers took it a bit to far story wise and he died a caricature of his former self. But I suppose that sometimes a point has to be emphasized. I am very happy though that justice prevailed. Too many loose ends simply annoy me and turn me off an otherwise great story so excellent save there.

Oh, and before I sign off this post; Gabe is the only beast I was ever a bit scared of. I hope we see Sendhil in other productions where he gets to reach out and rattle us a bit.

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