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Evan Marks is the resident medical examiner in season 1. He is played by handsome British actor, Max Brown. Luckily Evan gets to be of British origin, which means everybody gets to swoon over his accent. Not to mention his quirky smile, but I suppose that is not only a British trait.

Evan is the other man in Catherine’s life for most of season on. Where Vincent is the uncertainty, Evan is the rock and Catherine’s “go to”. He is presented as a flirt, but it is pretty obvious that he is in love with Catherine although he is at all times composed and discreet – as British men are most. Unfortunately Evan is a season 1 character only, but I for one am hoping that the writers find a way to bring him back in later seasons. After all if “they” have nano plasma, what is a few bullet holes, right?


In a show where everything is life and death, serious relationship problems and friendship challenges, you need a guy like Evan. He is all charm and fairly easy-going but obviously a bright scientist/doctor.

Max Brown portrays him effortlessly. Honestly. Some of that playfulness of the character must come from Max taking to him like a duck to water. He gets to expand Evan quite a bit along the way going through lots of obstacles like being abducted and lied to a lot. He credibly transforms the character to implement these challenges but I do not particularly feel the final change, where he will go to extremes to save Catherine. That is Vincent’s job. However this is certainly not Max’ fault but rather a too hard push story wise. It should have been subtler which would have suited Max’ acting style better.

Evan left a void behind somehow. Not only did we lose the easy swag of him but also a substantial part of the police procedural, namely the autopsies and all the research he used to do. I know season 2 was less about police business and more about Catherine and Vincent, but I think it is lacking now. A lot was revealed in his conversations with Catherine and it could still be a valuable asset to the show.

Now that Gabe is out of the picture there is no reason the writers cannot re-enter Evan with some excuse about Gabe pinning everything on him and forcing him to disappear. Maybe even a new and improved Evan?

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