Project number 1: TV-Series “Beauty and the beast”



To understand what “makes” a show and whether this can be affected by social media interest. 

I realize that the first experiment needs an explanation. The blog is new, the premise maybe a little vague and all doors are open and certainly creating a bit of a draft by now.

It is chosen truly by chance!

I saw a post in my personal Twitter feed mentioning the show “Beauty and the beast” barely making season 3. My curiosity was sparked and I decided to check into it mainly because the comments on the tweet were so endearing and apparently the show was quite popular.

So a little light research began. First watching the show to know what I was talking about. It is a very good show. Personally, I am excited it gets to continue. Great actors, great stories and lots of action and emotion. Technically a show that would appeal to at least 50% of the adult population on the planet. They threw in some steamy love scenes, a lot of impossible love and stomach churning separation so the show should appeal to most young adults too.

Yet it was almost cancelled after 2 seasons. It cannot be because of the ongoing story line. Some of the oldest tv-series have story lines that still spring from the original one. It cannot be because of the incredulity of the more supernatural side to the show as shows the like of X-files and Supernatural have 9-10 seasons under their belt and some of the longest running soaps have plots that outdistances any science fiction writer in a day.
So is it really just publicity? Social media sharing? And can you and I change anything by writing and sharing?

Are you not curious?

I am.

And the subject is great. Light, fun, entertaining. Everything to win, nothing to lose, right.

This is it, project started, work boots on. We can do this. I can use lots of help and I think I know where to get it. The show has a big following, calling themselves “Beasties”, so that will be my first stop. I am sure to get some background information, tips and insights there.

Watch the show and join me!

November 22nd 2014 edit:

I realize this blog is starting to look like a fan blog. I promise I will make something useful of it eventually but I dare you to watch the show and not get hooked. Seriously. Go ahead and then come back to judge me 🙂

New subcategories are Characters and Pros and cons.

New posts so far are:


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I am constantly musing over what makes people tick and wanted to research it more independently on this blog. I have chosen to remain anonymous in order to conduct these experiments without interference of age, appearance, gender or connections.
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